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Home Theater

Tired having to locate a baby sitter, battle the crowds, and waiting in line at your local Cineplex? Would you like to enjoy the benefits of the best commercial theaters-- incredible picture and sound, comfortable seating, and stylish architecture-- but in the privacy of your own home? Would you like to add something to your home that will provide a shared activity the entire family will enjoy?

Don't buy a ticket and battle the masses. With a custom-designed home theater from Media Works NW, you can own the theater! With the latest technologies like digital front projection, HDTV, Dolby Digital, and DTS surround sound, you can have a theater in your own home that eclipses the best cinema in town.

A home theater from Media Works NW will create a cinema quality experience in the comfort of your own home.

Lighting Design and Control

Good lighting design not only makes a room comfortable and functional, but it can create moods--just like music. Having the ability to control lighting levels and create scenes throughout your house lets you create just the right atmosphere for dining, entertaining, reading, or watching a movie.

With a lighting system from Media Works NW, you'll enjoy simple, convenient control of all home lighting-- as well as the ability to control audio, video, and many other sub-systems in a home. Automated Lighting provides homeowners with many benefits including:

  • Increased security

  • Added convenience

  • Improved aesthetics in the home